Passing On Your Digital Legacy

There are numerous beliefs about what happens to us after we die. One thing however is certain. Our digital footprint is forever. So how do we prepare for our digital afterlife? There are a number of things we can do, but today I want to focus on an easy way to pass control of your digital legacy to your heirs.

Death is a stressful time for the family members of the deceased. This is especially true for estate executors. They have to contact numerous companies and government agencies to inform them of the death of a loved one, and to settle accounts. Just a few decades ago, executors didn’t have to worry about the online presence of the deceased. So how do you make it easy for your estate executor to deal with your internet footprint?

Passing On Your Digital Legacy


There are many solutions, but the one I use is LastPass. LastPass is a password management software that allows users to store encrypted passwords, document copies, and notes in a secure account. LastPass uses bank level security to store strong unique passwords for the places we visit online. The best part is that it is absolutely free. LastPass also offers a premium package for just $24 per year for one user, that provides additional features.

Using LastPass has the added benefit of providing you top of the line internet security while your still alive. And once you pass away, it is incredibly easy for the person or persons you designate to access all of your online accounts and deal with them according to your instructions.

LastPass makes it easier to pass on your digital legacy.

Chances are good that like most people, you use one password, or a few variations of passwords when you surf the internet. Chances are also good, that you’ve read an article, or seen a news segment that explains how dangerous this is. With LastPass, you only have to remember one password for your vault. Each site you visit and have to login to can have a unique difficult to crack password that is randomly generated. I use 100 digit passwords when allowed by a site. Again, LastPass uses bank level security, and stores your encrypted passwords locally (on your devices). The chances of your passwords being compromised decrease significantly.

LastPass also allows you to designate up to three people to provide access to your vault in an emergency. Optionally there are settings for a waiting period. If you have an emergency or die, your designated people can request access. When a waiting period has been set, you can either grant immediate access if you’re able, or they have to standby until the end of the waiting period (Up to 48 hours). If you have not set a waiting period, then your designated person(s) have full access to your vault immediately.

So with nothing to lose, why not improve your internet security, and make it easy for your loved ones to manage your digital legacy upon your death. LastPass is free and has apps available for Android and IOS.

Jeremy Cook is the owner of Homestead Digital Media Services. He provides marketing and web design services for small businesses. He is also a freelance writer, and provides remote tech support and computer training for the less tech savvy among us. Jeremy is also the webmaster for Going My Way Death Care.

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