Calling From the Other Side

Calling From The Other SideDo you ever wonder if our loved ones who’ve died hear us when we talk to them?  Do they answer us?  As a child I hoped they did, but never knew for sure.  Now as a person in the autumn of life I have concluded the dead always listen.  And sometimes answer us.  The evidence may not stand up to the scientific method of proof, but sometimes anecdotal evidence is just as valid.  

Dimes, Just Dimes

My friend, Sparky shared his story about his grandmother, who had passed beyond the veil a few months ago.  A few years ago, he had traveled to Philly to see his family.  During the visit to his grandmother she gave Sparky a statue of a saint that she had on her staircase. It always faced the door.  Sparky’s grandma showed him that she had taped a dime to the bottom of the statue.  His grandmother told him the saint faced the front door so everyone that entered would have happiness and good health.  The dime was so they were never broke. Since she passed away, Sparky has been finding dimes, all over the place in the most unusual places: in the grass at the park near his office; campsites; randomly outside his office door.  Sparky said, “So far, I have found about $2 dollars in dimes. To me this means my grandmother is close by trying to tell me something.”

Linda’s story:

My dear friend Linda related to me the times she has found butterflies in her home during the months when most of us think butterflies have migrated to warmer climes.  This started after her mother died several years ago.   Many consider butterflies as spiritual messengers.  I’m sure that Linda’s mother is reminding her that she loves her daughter from the other side of the veil.

Linda's Story

My own story.

Enjoying lunch with my friend Rosemary we talked about the death of her mother and the death of my grandmother.  Mostly we talked about how much we missed these significant and special women.  Since my granny’s death I hadn’t really talked about it much except to say that I missed her.  It was more than that.  The moment I got the news that she had died I felt utterly alone. Abandoned. And angry.  How could she leave me when I still needed her?  Yes, I was in my 40’s, but that didn’t change how much I needed her!  She was the one person in my life who accepted me as I am.  Loving me as I travel my life’s path authentically.  Usually I use my debit card to handle financial transactions but today I had cash.   I handed the tab and cash to my server, Logan.  Waiting for my change, Rosemary and I continued to chat about others in our lives who’d died, but didn’t affect us as deeply as her mother’s and my grandmother’s deaths.  When the server returned my change, on top of the pile was a one dollar bill;  written was “From Grandma”.  Chills.  On a hot August afternoon – it gave me chills.  Add to that the note was written on a dollar bill from the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City.  Granny grew up south of KC.  I “heard” my granny loud and clear.  I wasn’t alone and she never abandoned me.  The dollar is now posted to my white board as a reminder that Granny still has my back

Calling From The Other Side
There you have it.  Three stories of loved ones reminding us they don’t forget us.  What’s your story?  Would love to hear.

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